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  • Waiting for answer Algebra Question

    The width and length of a rectangle are consecutive integers.  If the perimeter of the rectangle is 166 inches, find the width and length of the rectangle.Be sure to write out the directions for the problems AND the original statement of the problem THEN show work or an explanation with the solution...

  • Waiting for answer MyMathLab® Study Plan, Week 1 Checkpoint assignment help

    I will provide my login info for you to complete the assignment.At least 6 more study plans have to be done, I've done 9 already.Once you login go to week 1 tab under classroom, scroll to the bottom where the assignments show and click on MyMathLab® Study Plan for Week 1 Checkpoint.  You click where...

  • Waiting for answer geometry help need this ASAP

    Quiz InstructionsStep 1: Trigonometric FunctionsDraw a right triangle. Roll a die two times and record the numbers you roll. On the drawing of your right triangle, label the legs of the triangle using the numbers you rolled. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the hypotenuse, and write...

  • Waiting for answer 53 3/4-(-12 1/4)

    53 3/4-(-12 1/4)

  • Waiting for answer Statistic 200

    This question is due in 4 hours today.

  • Waiting for answer Urgnt 3

    Need new workAPA formate Per calculation

  • Waiting for answer case 1 business stats


  • Answered Last year Sports Time Athletic Club charged 20$ to participa...

    Last year Sports Time Athletic Club charged 20$ to participate in an aerobics class. 70 people attended the classes. The club wants to increase the class prices this year. They expect to lose one customer for each 1$ increase in price. What price should they charge to maximize the income from the ae...

  • Waiting for answer Powerball, Mega Millions and Florida Lotto probability proje...

    Need all three parts completed. Powerball probability of wining the jackpot= 1:292,201,338.Mega Millions probability of winning thejackpot= 1: 258,890,850.Florida Lotto probability of winning thejackpot= 1: 22,957,480.Thanks

  • Waiting for answer 4. The distance light travels in one year is approximately 5...

    4. The distance light travels in one year is approximately 5,870,000,000,000 miles. The distance light travels in 100 years is:(a) 587 × 108 miles, (b) 587 × 1010 miles, (c) 587 × 10-10 miles, (d) 587 × 1012 miles, (e) 587 × 10-12 miles

  • Answered Function

    I really dont know how

  • Waiting for answer Need math help with myitlab

    I have homework in myitlab and I want someone to do for me

  • Waiting for answer effectiveness of Kumon method of teaching

    Is the Kumon method of teaching effective in teaching Mathematics? Why and why not? What are its pros and cons. Discuss extensively. Cite references when possible. Your answer needs to be at least 300 words.

  • Answered connecting probabilities with outcomes

    1.) The probability of spinning a 6 is 3 out of 5

  • Answered Math help!!

    Round to the nearest ones place for the number as follows 3.9

  • Waiting for answer 3.1-3.4 trig tan(75) = 2 + sqrt(3), math homework help

    no work needed to be shown 

  • Waiting for answer James has a square piece of paper.

    James has a square piece of paper. He wants to cut it into 20 strips of equal width.  The paper is ABOUT 48 centimeter wide. How can he find out the width of each strip without measuring? Is this width accurate?

  • Waiting for answer Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson, math homework...

    The great detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr.Watson are discussing the murder of actor Cornelius Mc Ham. Mc Ham was shot inthe head, and his understudy Barry Moore, was found standing over the body withthe murder weapon in his hand.Holmes: Fact: Moorewas standing over Mc Ham at 8:48PM,at...

  • Answered Parallelogram

    Two adjacent sides of parallelogram are 10cm and 8cm and the distance between the greater parallel sides is 6cm . Find the distance between the other pair of parallel sides.

  • Answered Maths

    Find loss if cost price is Rs. 5670 and selling price is Rs.4568

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