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  • Waiting for answer James has a square piece of paper.

    James has a square piece of paper. He wants to cut it into 20 strips of equal width.  The paper is ABOUT 48 centimeter wide. How can he find out the width of each strip without measuring? Is this width accurate?

  • Waiting for answer Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson, math homework...

    The great detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr.Watson are discussing the murder of actor Cornelius Mc Ham. Mc Ham was shot inthe head, and his understudy Barry Moore, was found standing over the body withthe murder weapon in his hand.Holmes: Fact: Moorewas standing over Mc Ham at 8:48PM,at...

  • Answered Parallelogram

    Two adjacent sides of parallelogram are 10cm and 8cm and the distance between the greater parallel sides is 6cm . Find the distance between the other pair of parallel sides.

  • Answered Maths

    Find loss if cost price is Rs. 5670 and selling price is Rs.4568

  • Answered equation


  • Waiting for answer Linear programming, optimization and decision making

    Queastions related to Linear programming, optimization and decision making. 

  • Waiting for answer Urgent 2

    Need Perfect workAPA format

  • Waiting for answer the perimeter of a rectangle is 50 inches the width of the r...

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 50 inches the width of the rectangle is 10 inches what is the length of the rectangle

  • Waiting for answer Introduction to real analysis by william trench

    Can anyone get the above book in pdf format?????

  • Waiting for answer Pharmacy Calculations Question, math homework help


  • Answered Math Question from Zoey!

    "Phill runs 95 meters in 9 seconds. How many meters does Phill run per second?

  • Answered What are Egyptian numbers

    What are Egyptian numbers

  • Waiting for answer ?-6x5=10


  • Waiting for answer What is an example of exponential growth/decay in the real w...

    When is exponential growth/decay used in the real world? Examples of both appreciated

  • Waiting for answer Need Help ASAP with MYMATHLAB

    I have a few assignments due before 12 today need help now. Anyone down for it?

  • Answered Problem solving

    Grace bought 2.5 kg of mangoes at P52.90 a kj and 1.8 kg of grapes at P275.00 kg.How many did she pay for all the fruits skew bought?

  • Waiting for answer Need help with a Precalculus Question: Solve sin(2x)=0 and c...

    Solve sin(2x)=0 and cos(4x)=1.

  • Answered Penny tower data

    How many pennies are in a tower with height of 0 centimeters

  • Answered Math

    Covert 2,608cm to meters and cm

  • Waiting for answer Algebra 2 Special Functions Please Help

    OPEN ENDED Write a function involving absolute value for which f(­2) = 3.Writing in Math Use the information on page 115 to explain how step function's apply to postage rates. Explain why a step function is the best model for this situation while your gas mileage as a function of time as you drive t...

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