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  • Waiting for answer Need 3 assignments completed as posted plagiarism free by 04...

    TOPIC FOR ALL 3 ASSIGNMENTS: Security and Criminal Justice Topic: Criminals Incarcerated Offenders Question 1: Compare and contrast the gender, age, and race of incarcerated offenders in the prison system.  What does the information tell you about the typical inmate? Topic: Criminals Arrested C...

  • Waiting for answer 16 fiction books and 20 nonfiction books are to be put in gi...

    16 fiction books and 20 nonfiction books are to be put in giveaway bags. The number of fiction books in each bag will be the same as the number of nonfiction books in the bag. What is the greatest number of bags th can be made?

  • Waiting for answer Algebra2 week3

    (See Week 3 Lecture page “What is a Rational Function?” for a starting point.)   Given the function

  • Waiting for answer Two cars are traveling on two different routes, one 43 miles...

    Two cars are traveling on two different routes, one 43 miles longer than the other. The car traveling on the longer route travels 2 miles per hour slower than the other car and it takes 6 hours for the trip. If the car with the shorter route take 5 hours for its trip, find the length of each route. ...

  • Waiting for answer Algebra 1073

    Written – A paper copy of your answers to questions 1 - 6, will be submitted as a formal report. This report must be turned in by class time on Apr. 20, 2017; no late work will be accepted. Questions should be answered sequentially, with your work in arriving at the answers either typed or hand-wri...

  • Waiting for answer Algebra Homework!

    Please see the attached files.  There are a total of 30 Questions. Work must be shown. One file has the Questions and another is an answer sheet which must be completed. Due Date: April 15th (Saturday) at 8:00am est. 

  • Waiting for answer Mathematics


  • Waiting for answer Relations and Functions

    In this discussion, you will be assigned two equations where you will complete a variety of math work related to mathematical functions. Read the following instructions in order and view the example  (available for download in your online classroom) to complete this discussion. Please complete the f...

  • Waiting for answer 5-1 • Guided Problem solving

    The worksheet is 5-1• Guided Problem Solving, Student page 151, Exercise 20 I need help to answer the questions within it. Can someone explain what it's asking and solve some questions? That way I can understand more, thank you for your help.

  • Waiting for answer Polynomial Real World Problems

    Come up with one or more polynomial real world problem/s.This could be an area, volume or a vertical motion problem- or whatever else you can think of, as long as there are polynomials involved. Please include a solution to the problem and all the work recquired to find the solution. The final produ...

  • Answered Expansion of Algebraic expression

    3 (4ab+6b)

  • Waiting for answer Need 2 assignments completed as posted by 04/13/17, 6:00 pm...

    Topic of assignment should be in relation to healthcare and rising cost. Please complete assignment as posted in the outline below. Assignment 1: The purpose of the Signature Assignment is to have you work with real-life data to answer a real-life question using the tools, technology, and skills...

  • Waiting for answer rational expressions

    Choose a problem from the text or other resource and show the steps needed to add (subtract) two rational expressions that do not have the same denominator.

  • Waiting for answer graph & evaluate

    Graph the function f(x) = x + 2 and the function g(x) = (x2 – 4)/(x-2).  Is there a difference in the graph?  Are the functions equivalent?  (Note: to be equivalent they must have the same domain.)  Why or why not?

  • Waiting for answer College Algebra

    Please review all attachments and instructions closely.  For those willing to accept this assignment, complete and post, and I will buy the answer I fit.  No PLAG!

  • Answered Curve Question

    a and b are points of a curve y^2 = 12x, If the targent of a and b intersects a straight line x+12 =0. Show that the triangle AOB is a rectangle O = (0, 0)

  • Waiting for answer just for Essay Expert Prof.

    reflict to these videois in 300-400 words

  • Answered Algebra question

    What is the cost for a bottle of water when the combined total for it and an apple pie costs $7.50 with the pie costing $6.00 more than the water?

  • Waiting for answer Discussion 4

    Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please watch the Virtual Clinic   video and review the Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology (2013). Be sure to also read Baker and Bufka (2011), “Preparing for the Telehealth World: Navigating Legal, Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Ethical Issues i...

  • Waiting for answer Solving Quadratic Equations

    In this discussion, you will solve quadratic equations by two main methods: factoring and using the quadratic formula. Read the following instructions in order and view the example  to complete this discussion. Please complete the following problems according to your assigned number. (Instructors wi...

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