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  • Waiting for answer Accounting

    Select the correct statement. A.Payment of the principal on a long-term note increases the working capital. B.Deferred revenue will eventually become earned revenue. C.The equation to calculate working capital is current liabilities minus current assets. D.The journal entry to record unearned revenu...

  • Waiting for answer Linear algebra

    I need help on linear algebra assignment, It's due today .. 5hrs from now If anyone can help, please in time.

  • Waiting for answer Algebra2 week5

    (See Week 5 Lecture page “Solving Exponential Equations” for a starting point.)   Solve the exponential equation 9x - 3x+1 – 54 = 0

  • Waiting for answer Help with math

    find y if the distance between points P and R is 25 and point R is located in the first quadrant. P = (3, -18) R = (10, y)

  • Waiting for answer A 26-foot tall oil tank began the day completely full.  It i...

    A 26-foot tall oil tank began the day completely full.  It is being emptied into a transport truck at a constant rate.  The depth of the oil in the tank is a function of the nummber of minutes the tank has been emptying.  The equation y = 26 - (1/5)x  can be used to determine y, the depth of oil rem...

  • Answered Probabilty

    Jean luc's favorite asian restaurant has six dishes on its lunch menu. He wants to get their three-item combo for lunch and is reminded by the counter-person that he can order 2 or 3 servings of the same selection. How many ways could he order lunch?

  • Waiting for answer for michelle lewis only

    The purpose of the Signature Assignment is to have you work with real-life data to answer a real-life question using the tools, technology, and skills of MTH/219. In Week 5, you will create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to answer the question you chose in Week 1. Create a Microsoft® PowerPoi...

  • Waiting for answer Help !

    Can you help with rectangles inclosed in lines ?

  • Answered what is e=mc square?

    what is e=mc square?

  • Waiting for answer need for tomorrow

    Discussion bord 250 words. describe a situation when you compared three samples. For example, you may have said that you are pretty sure that it rains the same amount in every quarter during the year. 

  • Answered How do you solve logarithms equations?

    How do you solve log10 x+log10(3x-5)=log10 2?

  • Answered financial literacy

    johnny invested $3,600 in an account paying 4.3% simple interest. How much interest will johnny have earned after 4 years?

  • Answered Linear Algebra

    answer the questions in the attched file

  • Waiting for answer One algebra problem


  • Answered Polynomial

    Find the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial x+7x+10,and verify the relationship between the zeroes and the coefficient

  • Waiting for answer how should $90 be divided into two parts so that the second...

    how should $90 be divided into two parts so that the second part is $30 less than twice the first part?

  • Waiting for answer Respuesta al problema

    Podrian ayudarme

  • Answered Jules wants his house to be painted. He contacts

    Jules wants his house to be painted. He contacts two companies to have estimates. Company A charges a $250 fee plus $10 per hour. Company B requires $20 per hour. For how many hours Company B will be better for Jules?

  • Answered Linear Algebra

    Please solve questions from the attached file.

  • Waiting for answer Algebra Quiz

    REVIEW THE ATTACHMENTS AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!! For this assignmnt, review the PDF for the questions and SHOW ALL WORK in the answer sheet (MS Word) attachment.

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