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  • Waiting for answer Research paper

    : My new homwork is Research paper is 5 pages ethics in ecommerce APA format Include ,abstract and cover page plagiarism 0 percent Please see the outline i mailed u thank you Price 10$

  • Waiting for answer ENG HW

    i have ENG HW its Feasibility proposal assignment and i need 2 pages (approx. 2-4 single spaced pages ) and see the files one of them what u have to do and the other one i want the same 

  • Waiting for answer Research paper

    Write a 1000 word research paper that is informative and analytical and which has at least 5 printed sources.  These sources may be books, magazines, journals, newspapers, brochures, encyclopedias, or internet sources.  Choose for a topic a person, place, animal or thing that interests you. You must...

  • Waiting for answer as agreed

    i have audio notes for my test and i want someone listen to the record and write the questions and the answers exaclly as the Pro mintion it. thanks

  • Waiting for answer 2 ques

    Review the seven different emphases of servant leadership in Chapter 3 of your textbook. Which emphasis was most divergent from your view about servant leadership and which was most convergent? Explain your response.  Sendjaya, in Chapter 4 of your textbook, argues that servant leadership is a holis...

  • Waiting for answer essay

    For this assignment, choose a single frame from a film of your choosing and analyze it. In 500 - 1000 words, this paper should include everything that we have discussed within the elements of filmmaking based on this single frame. Specifics you can (and should) cover include composition of the frame...

  • Waiting for answer unequal access to city spaces

     required to post a minimum of THREE FULLparagraphs to their blackboard discussion group with their critique of the reading for each day readings are assigned. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, at least one sentence with evidence to support the topic, and a concluding or transition senten...

  • Waiting for answer three paragraphs

    Write three paragraphs of at least five good sentences about a person that taught you a lesson or gave you some advice that really impacted or changed your life. Describe how you knew or still know this person, what they taught you or said to you, and how that changed you.

  • Waiting for answer NO PLAGIARISM

    Research and prepare an informative speech on a non-fiction on A) Women i the Army OR B) Getting drug tested while on welfare benefits. The final speech should be between 10 and 12 minutes long. You are also required to submit a speaking outline and references list in APA format at the same time....

  • Waiting for answer two paragraphs

    Since you have all been living in the USA for a while now. In this report you will be required to compare living in the US to living in your country. You can talk about things like food, weather or lifestyle etc… .. You have to write at least 2 long paragraphs.

  • Waiting for answer 3602 dr rocal

    1-List and describe five types of presentation aids discussed in the textbook. 2-The authors of your textbook devote a section of Chapter 14 to The Pitfalls of PowerPoint. Identify and describe at least three of these perils. Do you agree or disagree with Edward Tufte who believes that PowerPoint is...

  • Waiting for answer need it in 5 hours

    As discussed in the chapter introduction, themes of survival and escape are central concerns in African American urban fiction. After reading the assigned works in this chapter, make a list of other recurrent themes. What do they suggest about the effects of urban daily living on city inhabitants? 4...

  • Waiting for answer Examine Dickens physical description of the Ghost of Christm...

    Examine Dickens physical description of the Ghost of Christmas Present? What does it suggest about the ghost? What is the impact on the Reader?

  • Waiting for answer Interpersonal Communication

    Dealing with diversity, especially in such a diverse marketplace, plays a prominent role in the workplace in terms of management theory and business practice. Accepting and managing cultural diversity correctly creates positivity in the workplace. It is imperative to understand the theories about th...

  • Waiting for answer Monomyth Reflection (Return of the King and Jedi)

    (Return of the King and Jedi). Each reflection should seek to do the following: o Determine what stages of the hero’s journey the characters have passed through during the corresponding texts and films. o Define a specific moment during the text or film at which this stage is encountered. o Explicat...

  • Waiting for answer this is for

    i want to write it as a simple and using basic words. I am an international student and i will put the instruction below. i put 3$, but you can change the price as you like and i will pay. i took a picture for the cover of the book that you have to take quotes from and i took some pictures  for some...

  • Waiting for answer English 5

    The purpose of this assignment is to get you started on your research and to provide you with a way to keep track and document the research that you do.  It also helps me to make sure that you are finding the right kinds of sources and gives me a chance to help you before you too far on the wrong tr...

  • Waiting for answer Catherine Owens only!!!

    A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “A Rose for Emily” Choose one of the following topics write a 5 paragraph essay. The essay must be MLA formatted, must contain at least one quote from each story that you use, must have citations in the essay and include a Works Cited page.  - Analyze the theme of O...

  • Waiting for answer Admisiion essay

    Hello, I am applying to masters program in finance and related subjects and i need help with the admission essay for the application. I need a good english writer to help me with it and free from grammer and spelling errors? Thanks

  • Waiting for answer I NEED IT KNOW. WRITING

    i need it 250 words per question. insert one refreance each question. i need it to be done within 3 HOURS see the pic

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