Hi Please, see the attached This week you'll choose a play. Fill out a play analysis google doc.

DO NOT WRITE ON THIS GOOGLE DOC Click File, make a copy and rename the document “Y our Name Play Analysis” and edit that document instead.

Choose any * play . Read it and fill out the analysis page below . * Y o u m ay c h oose a n y p la y. H ow ever, w e w ill b e w ork in g w it h t h e f o llo w in g p la ys la te r in t h e s em este r, s o y o u m ay w an t t o c o nsid er F ence s b y A ugust W ils o n, T he G la ss M enag erie b y T e nnesse e W illia m s, D eath o f a S ale sm an b y A rth ur M ille r o r T he Im porta nce o f B ein g E arn est b y O sca r W ild e Put the name of your play here Who wrote the play?

When was it written?

When and where was it first performed?

Protagonist Antagonist Setting Mood (serious, silly etc.) Conflict (what is the main conflict in this play?) Genre W rite a summary of the play including major characters and major plot points.

(this should be 2-3 paragraphs) Character Analysis/Description (Choose 3 characters describe them and make a guess about what motivates them) Dialogue (tell me about a bit of dialogue you enjoyed, make sure you refer to the act and scene number) Action or Blocking interested you (Choose one scene and talk about how/why the action interested you) Questions? Did the play leave you with any questions?