Strength Lab report, I uploaded the data and a file for how I want the report style to be like, so please follow the instructions. thank you

How to Write Report for CVE 310 Strength of Material Prepared by Tawsif Mohammad Hasan Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Cleveland State University Email: [email protected] Common mistakes • Inconsistent font type and size • Writing without following given instructions • Report not well -structured • Data sheet not provided • No/wrong calculations and wrong units • Sections / tables / figures not numbered • Incorrect graphs and bad presentation • No/poorly written abstract • Poor discussion o No comparison with handbook data o No discussion from graph o Questions were not answered o Not identified reasons o No citation and reference to support statements • Vouge conclusion • No reference 1/26/2021 [email protected] 2 General Format 1/26/2021 [email protected] 3 Abstract Introduction Procedure Result and Discussion Conclusion Reference Appendix Abstract • Size of abstract: 5 ≤ line number ≤ 10. • Do not describe significance of your test in abstract. • Include problem statement and outcome of your experiment. o 25% problem statement + 25% procedure followed + 50% outcome of experiment. o Or, 50% problem statement + 50% outcome of experiment. o Outcome of experiment is basically your conclusion ➢ Do not copy paste your conclusion. • Remember, people read an abstract 1 st and then decide to read the paper. o Write abstract to draw the attention of readers. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 4 Introduction for Report • Narrow down from the broader context to your problem/target. • Describe significance of your test o If several test methods available, then write why you are using your method. o Do not describe other test methods, that you have not done. Stating them is enough. • Briefly describe what properties you will measure and calculate from your data. o Definition of properties and their significance. • Cite and put reference where necessary. • Do not write anything without learning it properly. o For each wrong statement, you will be panelized 0.5 points. • Never mention “you/your” in report. • Always “I/we.” • Always simple sentence is preferable. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 5 Procedure • Always refer to ASTM Specification. o If not provided, penalty 1 point • Specify the steps. o Describe steps properly or, o Provide flow chart and refer to it. ➢ Remember to describe important things in paragraph • If something did not work/ needed to change during test, describe how and why. • If more than one test, describe them in different sub -sections. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 6 Result and Discussion • Data sheet and sample calculation o Put actual data sheet and calculation in Appendix o In paragraph, refer to the appendix section o Always type it. ➢ Hard to understand, if photographed and hand -written (many cases) • Final result o Make a table > Number the table > Refer to table in discussion as necessary • Draw graphs, if asked in handout. • Answer questions, if asked in handout. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 7 Appendix 1: Data Sheet Appendix 2: Sample Calculation … … … Result and Discussion (cont.) • Tables o Do not underline and bold letters; unless you want to emphasize a specific word o Do not waste papers by putting unnecessary tables ➢ Write similar things in one table o Bold fonts only at header row and 1 st column (if necessary). 1/26/2021 [email protected] 8 Bold fonts not acceptable Underlined fonts not acceptable Can be put into one table Result and Discussion (cont.) • Always put a table number and title • Refer table number in your text as necessary • Place table after finishing the paragraph o If part of table moves to next page, move the entire table to next page o Do not leave part of page blank. Start next paragraph. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 9 Result and Discussion (cont.) • Excel/other software to plot graphs • Label axis properly and write unit in bracket • Legend, if more than one line • Border for both plot area and chart area • Font and border color: always black • Put figure number and title o Refer to figure number in text • Do not extend lines beyond your data points. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 10 Result and Discussion (cont.) • Discussion should include followings: o Comparison between experimental data and handbook data (if available). ➢ Is the difference acceptable? Compare with allowable range. ➢ If not acceptable, then discuss possible reasons with reference. o Comparison between different materials. ➢ Why they are different? Reasons with references. o Trends found in graphs ➢ Do these trends match with references? If not, why? Explain with references . o Discuss anything else you find necessary. o Can discuss on applicability of one material in certain field depending on your experimental value. o Make sure you have answered all the questions asked in lab handout. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 11 Conclusion for Report • Think as an engineer, not as a technician. • Write based on discussion. • Do not write what properties you found during experiments. • Report specific trends you identified for different materials. • Be specific on your claim. • Not more than one paragraph. • Not more than 10 lines. • Mention any point to consider, if necessary. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 12 Formatting and others • No grammatical/spelling mistake. • Font: Arial / Times New Roman • Font size: 11 / 12 • Be consistent in your report. o Maintain same font type and size. o Number your sections, tables and figures ➢ Sections: 1.0 Introduction, 2.0 Procedure, 3.0 Result and discussion…. (abstract is not a section) ➢ Subsections (if any): 1.1, 1.1.1 ….. , 2.1, 2.1.1, ….. ➢ Tables: Table 1, Table 2,…. ➢ Figures: Figure 1, Figure 2, ….. • From introduction to conclusion, try to finish within 6 pages. • Citation and reference: APA style o Put all references after conclusion. 1/26/2021 [email protected] 13 Formatting and others (cont.) • Appendix should come after reference. • Remember to put page numbers. • Cover page should be well -presented. o CSU logo should not cover half of your cover page. o Everything on cover page should be centered of the page. • Cover letter - not required. o If provided, should be in a separate page. o If provided, should be signed by each group members. • Disclaimer - not required. o If given, should be in a separate page. o Or, add your disclaimer within cover letter. • Group members’ names and CSUID should be typed and printed in cover page.

1/26/2021 [email protected] 14 Summary 1/26/2021 [email protected] 15 • Purpose of report writing is to develop technical writing skill. • Follow the instructions, as given in the 1 st class. • Follow your handouts given before each experiment. • Follow the instructions in these slides. • Questions? o Email me at [email protected]