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  • Waiting for answer Does it explain the answer how it got the answer

    Does it explain the answer how it got the answer

  • Answered (Citations) I need assistance with the correct APA (in par...

    (Citations) I need assistance with the correct APA (in paragraph) Citation.

  • Waiting for answer 1. What are some strategies Tyler can use to find

    1. What are some strategies Tyler can use to find the dimensions of the room with the information given?

  • Answered a school sport team contains 68 students, 33 do f

    a school sport team contains 68 students, 33 do field events, 40 d0 track event, 23 do swimming, 14 do both field and track events,8 do both swimming and field events.if 15 students do field events only and 10 do both swimming and track events...ho w many does [a]swimming only? [b]track event only?...

  • Answered -14+6b+7-2b=1+5b, what's the work to find the ans

    -14+6b+7-2b=1+5b, what's the work to find the answer?

  • Answered heequationforlinefcanbewrittenas y = -7 2

    heequationforlinefcanbewrittenas y = -7 2 x – 2 . Line g , whichisperpendiculartoline f , includesthepoint (-5, -2) . What istheequationofline g ?

  • Answered Please consider the attached document.

    Please consider the attached document.

  • Answered proof : 2^n > n+1 , for n element to N Proof by

    proof : 2^n n+1 , for n element to N Proof by mathematical induction

  • Answered The sum of R3000 is invested in unit trust for in

    The sum of R3000 is invested in unit trust for income and for capital growth in the ratio 3:5 .how much is invested in each type of trust?

  • Answered Devry ACCt434 week 6 quiz

    Question  Question 1.1.(TCO 9) To guide cost allocation decisions, the cause-and-effect criterion(Points : 3)may allocate corporate salaries to divisions based on profitsis used less frequently than the other criteriais the primary criterion used inactivity-based costingis a difficult criterion on w...

  • Answered Devry bis155 week 2 quiz 2 latest

    Question 1. Question :  (TCO 2) An absolute cell reference:causes a potential error.indicates a cell's specific location and the reference does not change when you copy the formula.occurs when a formula directly or indirectly refers to the cell containing the formula.contains both an absolute and a...

  • Answered Devry LAS432 Midterm Exam 2015

    QuestionPage 1Question 1.1. (TCO 1) The Neolithic Revolution was a result of (Points : 5)controlled planting of crops.domestication of animals.development of irrigation systems.All of the aboveQuestion 2.2. (TCO 1) In the Neolithic Revolution, the growth of communities was a result of (Points : 5)th...

  • Answered 3ab + 10c when a = 6 b = 5 c =10

    3ab + 10c when a = 6 b = 5 c =10

  • Answered Devry acct212 weeek 3 checkpoints latest 2015 august

    Question 1. Question:(TCO 5) The two most common types of fraud impacting financial statements arefraudulent financial reporting and e-commerce fraud.misappropriation of assets and embezzlement.fraudulent financial reporting and misappropriation of assets.cooking the books and fraudulent financial r...

  • Answered Devry bis155 week 1 quiz 1 latest

    Question 1. Question : (TCO 1) Which of the following describes the function of the Formula Bar (as it applies to Excel 2010)?Displays the name of a worksheet within a workbookIs at the intersection of a column and a rowIdentifies the address of the current cellDisplays the content of the active cel...

  • Answered Devry BUSN 15 Week 6 Quiz Latest 2015

    QuestionQuestion 1. (TCO 5) A company whose structure, policies, and capabilities allow employees to respond quickly to customer needs and changes in the business environment is termed as a(n) _____.Student Answer: agile organizationhyperspecialized organizationformal organizationumbrella organizati...

  • Answered Devry BUS420 week 5 quiz

    Question 1.1.(TCO 5) Lightspeed Corporation makes computers, each of which is packaged with a shrink-wrap agreement. Milo buys a Lightspeed desktop. The shrink-wrap agreement is most likely enforceable if (Points : 2)Milo buys the computer directly from Lightspeed.Milo expressly agrees to the terms...

  • Answered Devry BUS420 week 4 quiz

    QuestionQuestion 1.1.(TCO 4) Jeffrey became a victim of fraud when he entered a pyramid scheme which turned out to be a scam. In order to claim damages, Jeffrey has to prove which of the following? (Points : 2)MisrepresentationMotive of the fraudsterEconomic injuryInvolvement in the pyramid schemeQu...

  • Answered Devry BIS155 week 5 quiz

    Question 1. 1. (TCO 5) Excel's multiple worksheet abilities can do all of the following EXCEPT: (Points : 2)create Pivot Chartsgroup worksheets together to enter data.display worksheets side by side.create links among the worksheets.Question 2. 2. (TCO5) If several worksheets are grouped and you ent...

  • Answered Devry busn319 week 2 quiz latest july 2015

    Question 1. Question : (TCO 1) To serve both buyers and sellers, marketing seeks to _____ and satisfy the needs and wants of prospective customers.changecreatemanipulatediscoverweighQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 1) An economics student would like to buy a mini-scooter but she cannot afford one. Which o...

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