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  • Waiting for answer Hi, I need some one who can help me to find the b

    Hi, I need some one who can help me to find the best python web framework without the use of any third-party Libraries.

  • Waiting for answer simple interpreter and a compiler to A86 in c/c++

    simple interpreter and a compiler to A86 in c/c++ or java

  • Answered discussion boards

    i need someone to do discussion boards. these discussion boards need to be 100 words long and any information used needs to be cited. 1.What are the three biggest problems facing Voice Video on a digital network? Explain how you might overcome these problems. 2.Security Platform Solutions can co...

  • Answered need help with homework

    In a 3- to 4-page paper, compose a detailed analysis of all design considerations. Treat this as a project report to your client. Include the design criteria, the assumptions, a descriptive security plan, and rationale for your decisions. As an addendum, include the following items created in previ...

  • Answered need help with homework

    Complete an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation that represents a comprehensive network design, based upon Weeks One through Four Individual TestOut® Assignments. The presentation should represent an organization's network, including WAN, LAN, and Home User designs. You will combine your topolo...

  • Answered how to fix error :could not create the java virt

    how to fix error :could not create the java virtual machine

  • Answered Need help on homework

    Me  10/15/2016 18:50:18  Learning Team Instructions: Wireless Design Project Not completed (TASK) Task Scenario:  Your team is hired by a start-up Internet firm to build a hybrid wired/wireless network from the ground up. They are moving into an empty 2-story, 2000 square-foot office with no set...

  • Answered Using Microsoft® Visio®, show some potential re

    Using Microsoft® Visio®, show some potential redistribution points in a typical enterprise network

  • Answered C++ program to do arithmetic operations for long integers

    Write a C++ program that cando arithmetic operations on long integers

  • Answered Mortimer Life Insurance Company wants several li

    Mortimer Life Insurance Company wants several lists of salesperson data. Design a flowchart or pseudocode for the following: a. A program that accepts a salesperson's ID number and number of policies sold in the last month, and displays the data only if the salesperson is a high performer—a per...

  • Answered Python program for divisibility test,LCM and co-primes of la...

    a).Write a python program using the required functions to accomplish the divisiblity  test of large numbers (defined by strings of the characters ‘0’ through ‘9’) for divisibility by various values. Complete the implementations of these functions by applying the common divisibility rules for 4, 5, 9...

  • Answered C Aptitude Questions and Answars

    C programming language aptitude questions and answars.

  • Answered PHP with MySQL Tutorial

    Web Development Via PHP and MySQL

  • Waiting for answer QA automation task

    Testing task : Given the user story below create a set of a test cases and group them by types and priority. This user story is intentionally very high level and not a good one , think of a list of questions you would want to ask Product Owner and answers based on actual behavior you observe (or i...

  • Waiting for answer Description:Using the provide REST service, creat

    Description:Using the provide REST service, create a program that returns both largest city and capital based on user input for state name or state abbreviation. User input can be done in any format, including but not limited to prompts and console entries. Program must continue running until the us...

  • Answered programs show error please help me

    i am run c programs that is   #include stdio.h #include stdlib.h int main () /* this is my first program this is awesome*/ /* these statements "/* and *" used tp enter the comments before header file */ {     char name[18]="malik umer farooq";     printf("my name is %s  \n",name);     name[2] =...

  • Waiting for answer CIS110

    Do the assignments only for my entire class . I have already done week 1 assignment . I have attach syllabus for assignments for remaining weeks. 

  • Answered WEB 407 Week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2

    This work of WEB 407 Week 1 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following points: DQ 1: What is the importance of cookies on security, page lifecycle management, and usability?DQ 2: Why is it important to use standards such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when managing secure data on the...

  • Answered ECET 365 Lab 4 Servo Control Using Pulse Width Modulation PW...

    This pack contains ECET 365 Lab 4 Servo Control Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

  • Answered ECET 365 Entire Course

    In this document of ECET 365 Entire Course you will find the next files: ECET 365 Lab 1 Using the Serial Communication Interface in a Microcontroller.docECET 365 Lab 2 Temperature Measuring System using a Microcontroller.docECET 365 Lab 3 Traffic Light Control Using Finite State Machines (FSM).docE...

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