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--script to create Clearwater Traders database -- revised 8/17/02 JM -- modified 3/17/2004 LM DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP DROP TABLE...

Case 1In this case, you use SQL Worksheet to create stored procedures that process incoming shipment items that Clearwater Traders receives. The first stored procedure updates the SHIPMENT_L1NE table and then calls a second stored procedure that updates the quantity 0n hand (QOH) of item in the INVENTORY table. Save all commands in a text file named Lab4Case1.sql. a. In SQL Worksheet, create a stored procedure named UPDATE_INV_QOH that receives input parameters of all inventory ID and an update quantity, and then uses these values to update the INV_QOH field in the INVENTORY table. b. In a new SQL Worksheet, create a second procedure named UPDATE_ SHIPMENT_L1NE that receives input parameters of an existing shipment ID and inventory ID. The procedure should update the associated SHIPMENT_LINE record based on the input values, using the system date as the date received. It should then call the UPDATE_INV_QOH procedure to update the associated inventory quantity on hand using the shipment line quantity. c. Write an anonymous PL/SQL program to call the UPDATE_SHIPMENT_ LINE procedure and pass to it values to show that the units of inventory ID 5 were received for shipment ID 3. Execute the anonymous PL/SQL program, and then use SELECT statements to display the updated rows from the two tables to verify the procedures worked correctly.

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