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(1) Being elderly is hard for some. I think independence is the biggest thing lost for some elderly people. My mother in law lives with us and she is 83. She doesn't have Alzheimer's or Dementia bu


Being elderly is hard for some.  I think independence is the biggest thing lost for some elderly people.  My mother in law lives with us and she is 83.  She doesn't have Alzheimer's or Dementia but she forgets a lot.  She also remembers a lot.  For me, I have already prepared myself to live a long life as an elderly person.  I keep good habits and good health so that I can live a good life as an elderly person.  We moved from a 2 story house to a single story in preparation for retirement.  I think it would be difficult to not be able to drive and garden.  Some elderly people have knee trouble, such as my mother in law, and she loves to garden.  I anticipate that I will be an insufferable elderly woman and that would be rewarding to me.  I prefer my son take care of me instead of a nursing home.  Not all nursing homes are bad, but I think the people are sad.  Being away from loved ones is hard and depressing.  Assisted living homes are good if you can get around and socialize.  Activities are planned and elderly people can create friendships and maybe even romance.  My husband and I have an end of life plan for ourselves.  It is signed and notarized and to be followed by my son.  He understands what it is and it gives us comfort knowing that he understands what he is supposed to do and agrees.


As a twenty year old I find it hard to image life as elderly. Especially in my current position I have yet to see fruition in my future. I do not have a significant other and I only ever play video games and talk to family. I know that any point in my future I could stop doing these things and pursue different interests in my life as I separate from my childhood. However, if I were to answer this question as if nothing new developed in my life and this was the point of the past I was looking back on I would miss the games with my family and friends. I would miss my puppy and her hyperactive attitude. I would be a lonely old lady. Constantly switching between art activities and laying in bed. Depression would surely seep in as I ponder on the inevitable fate I hold and how much I am not doing. But I will find the freedom rewarding at times. I'll appreciate the visits from my family and the calls. If I were to suffer from dementia I'd wish to be reminded of all that I missed. Mostly the good, but also I want to laugh at the bad things. I would be immensely happy if my parents were still alive so that they could visit me. I want all my loved ones to know that it may seem like I forgot them, but a part of me will always remember, because it's impossible to wipe the memory of my love. 


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