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***Business Homework on AIG****

Lookup information on AIG and Global Financial Contagion. Answer the questions below. 

First Topic: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization of finance.  How did it contribute to the global financial crisis?

Second Topic: Describe how the fall of AIG exemplifies contagion. How did the U.S. government bailout of AIG benefit foreign as well as U.S. firms and investors? Experts are advocating increased regulation to prevent contagion. At the national and international levels, what types of regulation might prevent future crises?  Third Topic: Several European countries have adopted a single currency, the euro.  Describe how adopting the euro might benefit countries in Eastern Europe.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a single currency regime within Europe and globally in international financial transactions?  Final Topic:  Respond to the questions below from the three part perspectives:

As the world emerges from the global financial crisis, what is the potential role of each of the following: firms, banks, central banks, national governments, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank?  What is the role of national governments in stimulating national economic growth (include examples along with explanation)?

Part I most government regulation?

Part II mixed government regulation?

Part III least government regulation?

This must be presented individually, NOT in combination.

Assignment MUST BE submitted using the attached template

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