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"Environmental 'Science' Makes No Sense" "Well, the left-wing, environmentalist wackos have done it again!

"Environmental 'Science' Makes No Sense"

"Well, the left-wing, environmentalist wackos have done it again! The so-called 'Environmental Conference' hosted by University 'X' last week was nothing more than a transparent attempt to indoctrinate the students and community with false information about the environment. 

Firstly, the environmentalists claim that global warming is real, but that can't be true because there are parts of the world that are getting colder! That's why they've started calling it 'climate change' instead. 

Second, why were no persons who disagree with this supposed environmental 'science' invited to the conference? During my time there, I heard no speakers who oppose global warming or climate change. I guess none of these "green" loonies decided to invite any of them.

Third, if we tried to affect climate change, the only thing that would happen would be economic disaster. Environmentalists want to pressure oil companies to find 'cleaner' sources of energy, and also to force businesses and schools to use 'greener' products and offer 'eco-friendly' services. But if we did those things, then we'll have less money than we do now. The government will have to control our lives more, and eventually we'll be living in a dictatorship ruled by the United Nations and we'll have no money to buy things, so the economy will destroyed.

Why do they want to destroy America? 

Lastly, I noticed also that everyone who attended the conference was a liberal. The person I sat next to in the auditorium told me he was one, and I overheard some more people of the liberal persuasion talking about their love for Obama on the elevator when going to lunch. So those of you who, like me, are definitely not liberals (and no one really wants to be like those people, do they?) should ask themselves why they would want to waste their time at conferences such as this?  

For the rest of us true Americans, the choice is clear: either we oppose this liberal agenda with all our might or we can kiss American democracy goodbye.


Citizen 'Y'"

composee letter to the editor that responds to the letter above. This letter should explain all the fallacies that are contained in citizen Y's letter. (Make sure that you not only mention the fallacies, but also explain why you think specific points in the letter are fallacious.)

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