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Dear Excellent grade

We have to make a service marketing plan.my service is restaurant..Restaurant name will be FAIRYTALE RESTAURANT. what makes this restaurant special is a playground inside the restaurant while you can eat and watch your child behind the window. we make birthday parties with children.we have a special kid menu.for adults we have separate place far away from the kids.play grounds outline is with window so you cant get to much noise.we charge for the playground $5 all day.+ food..i will go from this goal.. professor give us guideline to follow.. this project is very important and we have to present it in front of other professors..as you can see the below picture , first you have to start:(I attached the picture marketing plan rulic) she will grade it based on below table..

1. service : introductory statement

2.mission statement

3. vision statement.

4.target market



7.location analysis

8. placement an distribution


it has to be essay format, we have to put picture on it.We have to describe our company as good as we are.

at the end we have to explain 10 questions.i attached the questions.it starts:

1.what are the specific goals of you business this year and goes to 10th question.

she wants excellent service marketing plan.

can you make it? if you can i will send you playground picture.

i need it exactly on May 12, 2017  Friday before 7:00 pm.

thank you so much.

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