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Assignment 4: DUE Friday 7/21/17 @ 11:00am

Turn in a written response of a minimum 250 words for each item( R, E, O, S) below.  Be sure to fully address all the implications of each item.  Although some level of personal commitment to your response is expected, try to avoid excessive use of “I feel…” or “I think…” statements.  Attempt to imagine you are writing for a broader group of people; i.e., not just what you would do, but what all of mankind should do.  The rubric for grading responses is the REOS method, where R stands for Reasoning (your logic should tie together), E stands for Evidence (Your arguments which need support should be supported by mentioning the name of someone usually cited), O stands for Observation (your unique contributions, if any), and S stands for Substance (you say something meaningful and significant, in the instructor’s opinion).  ON YOUR PAPER PUT:  R, then write this answer. Under the R put an E, then write this answer.  Under the E, put the O, then write this answer and under the O put the S, then write this answer.

R: answer

E: answer

O: answer

S: answer

Imagine you are a community corrections (probation) officer assigned an overwhelming juvenile caseload in a jurisdiction where the age of consent is 18.  One weekend while you are out at a college bar with your friends, you spot one of your probationers, Jill, obviously drunk and dancing with a man twice her age (Jill is 16).  You go over to talk, but she tells you to mind your own business and leaves with the man.  Sometime later, she comes back and begs you not to report anything.  She explains that she has had several violations lately, and one more will send her away.  You also know she has been doing better in school and has a chance at going to college.  Do you report her?

Textbook: Close, D. & Meier, N. (2003). Morality in criminal justice: An introduction to ethics.

Belmont, CA. Wadsworth Publishing 

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