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/* * IT 215 - Java Programming Week 3 * Checkpoint: PayrollProgram Part 2 * Author: */ import java.Scanner; Scanner to accept user input import...

I having a hard time trying to write this paper this week for being really sick. I wanted to see if anyone could help me out. For this assignment you will build on the program from part 2:The Payroll Program application should continue to request employee information until the user enters the word ‘stop’ as the employee’s name.The program should maintain all past functionality (such as asking the user for the employee’s information, checking for negative values, calculating the weekly pay, displaying the employee’s name and weekly pay amount, and stopping when the word “stop” is entered as the employee’s name).You are going to create an Employee class that will take control of your data. Within this new class you will have a 3-argument constructor that initializes the employee information to the values you received from the user, the get and set methods for each variable, and a method that will calculate the weekly pay. You will call this class “Employee” and save it as “Employee.java”.The pseudocode for Payroll Program Part 3 is below:Start pseudocode (Payroll3)Declare a variable for the employee’ nameDeclare a variable for the hourly pay rateDeclare a variable for the number of hours workedDeclare a variable for weekly payCreate instance of scannerAsk for the employee nameGet the employee name from the screen and put it in the variable declared aboveWhile the employee name entered is not equal to ‘stop’Display message asking for the employee’s pay rateGet the employee’s pay rate from the screen and put it in the variable declared aboveWhile pay rate is a negative valueDisplay message to user that the value entered must be a positive amount and ask them to re-enter the employee’s pay rateGet the employee’s pay rate from the screen and put it in the variable declared aboveEnd while loop (pay rate)For this program you will have to create an Employee class to store and retrieve the employee data that is captured from the screen.These instructions describe how to create the Employee class. They do not cover all of the changes you need to make to your main method. While working with this you should follow along with the pseudocode for this assignment.Step 1: you must have a working Part 2 program. Save the program from Part 2 as Payroll3.java. Be sure to rename your public class to ‘Payroll3’.Step 2: open a new text file (save it as Employee.java) and create the Employee class declaration. It should look something like this:public class Employee{Put the new variable for employee name herePut the new variable for hourly pay rate herePut the new variable for number of hours workedPlace the 3-argument constructor declaration for the Employee class here{Set the values that you passed through the constructor from the main method to the variables you created in this class} // end of Employee constructor} // end of EmployeeCompile and run.Step 3: add all of the set and get methods after the closing bracket for the end of the Employee constructor.Your main method will continue to ask the user for the information just as it did in part 2. You will need to instantiate a new Employee object and pass the values you received from the user to the constructor before you calculate and display the weekly pay. I'm in IT/215 Java Programming and have to use my week 3 PayrollProgramPart2 to write this PayrollProgramPart3 this week. I will upload a file of PayrollProgramPart2.I hope someone can help me out, like I was saying, Ive been really sick and can't focus on my paper.

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