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 The midterm assignment is based on the following case study: http://www.systemsthinkingmethod.com/downloads/Vanguard-O2-case-study.pdf You may want to read this article prior to opening the assignme

 The midterm assignment is based on the following case study:


You may want to read this article prior to opening the assignment. You may refer to the case study throughout the assignment, as well.

There are six essay questions on this assignment.

Answer the Following Questions

Question 1 Learning Organization Theory is the action plan that Vanguard used in the case. The argument is that it identified the problems which were created by the system which the company was using in the call time. After detecting the problem what happened next was that the organization created a new system which was based on changing the TCHT, conversion rate and also the CSI rates which were used in the process. The new measures were based on what done during the check. What can be seen is a situation where the begin was identifying the problem and developing the possible alternative to solve the issue. The method which was used in the description of the learning organization theory where one needs to identify the problems within the organization before making the necessary changes in the process. 

Question 2. The approach which was used that is the learning organization theory is the most appropriate method. The idea is that to care a solution one must be willing to study a given problem from its sources. It is the same case that applied in the case. With this, the best alternative and solution is created as it can be seen in the case that is provided. 

Question 3. Vanguard efforts in the process were effective, but still, there is room for improvement. The results which are provided is that repeated call dropped to 8.5%. Second, the number of the calls to complete sale and failure created was at 23% less failure within the 30 days. The time can be so limited to make any argument but what can be seen is an overall improvement in the process. With this in mind still, more purchase is required in the process, but substantial measures are required. 

Question 4. In case I was the one making Vanguard change action one thing that I would do is making a solution that the change was surrounded by the introduction of modern technology where calls would be recorded and re-analyzed. In this case, it would be easy to identify the areas which customers might not have been served accordingly. Changes would be made in the process and inform customers about the decision with precise information why changes were introduced in the process. 

Question 5. The action that Vanguard took to create a vision for the team was changing the score mark procedure which was used in their analysis. By introduced leading measures. These were that the team was analyzed according to the new merged which was working according to the new method which created in the process. With this, if give the team a fundamental way which they would use in the process of assessment. It avoided the element where a new method would be introduced, but the old method was still used when making the scores and employees analysis.

 Question 6. The change method that Vanguard used can be different from other organization in that in the most cases organization tend to discard the system which they were using completely. With this, they introduce a completely new system in place of the old method. On the case of the Vanguard, the change which was in process was done through the redefinition of the old method and introducing new aspects. With this, they did not discard the whole system rather than making it better aligned according to need and demands of their customers. Number of Pages: 3 PagesPaper Format: APA 

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