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1- Read the article below: The "Titanic Expedition" and submit your thoughts on the discussion board: Here is the link: Titan sub CEO dismissed safety warnings as 'baseless cries', emails show - BB

1- Read the article below: The  "Titanic Expedition"  and submit your thoughts on the discussion board: 

Here is the link: Titan sub CEO dismissed safety warnings as 'baseless cries', emails show - BBC News

Your discussion is on the subject of "the value of Safety and Human Life".  By value, I mean, monetary ($) value. If an employee were killed at work today, how would we determine the value of such a loss?  Is Safety a "Waste"?In your opinion is it reasonable to base "the value of a human life" based on "status" or position held in society? In a typical workplace, will all employees have equal value? from the company president to the cleaner? 

2- For this discussion topic, I want you to provide the specific OSHA standard that was violated for each of the two violations described. I have provided you an example:

  • Example of violation and specific standard violated for your reference:
    • Violation: " Employee was using electrical extension cord with outer sheathing frayed exposing inner conductors."
    • Standard: 1910.334(a)(2)(ii)

Discussion question to be answered:

  • Violation 1: "Safety Data Sheets for each hazardous chemical was not readily accessible to employees during each work shift."
    • Standard 1:
  • Violation 2: "Forklift operator was not trained or certified in the operations of the forklift."
    • Standard 2:

If you were the safety manager, how would you correct Violation 1?

Link to electronic version of OSHA standards: 1910 | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (osha.gov)

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