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1. Analyze storytelling in the cultures we studie

1. Analyze storytelling in the cultures we studied in the past four weeks using the artworks below as examples of the Egyptian, Islamic, and Early Christian societies’ modes for depicting stories. Begin with a brief analysis of each story that is being told, using your own words and making sure to point out the formal elements of the artwork (line, color, shape, and composition) that combine to tell the story.

• Funerary Stele of Amenemhat, c. 2000 BCE. Painted limestone. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Located on page 59 in the textbook.

• Flight into Egypt, from the Infancy of Christ Window, c. 1140-1144 CE. Stained and painted glass. The Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. Located on page 264 in the textbook.

• Tile Mosaic Mihrab from the Madrasa Imami, c. 1354 CE. Glazed and cut ceramic tiles. The Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Located on page 194 in the textbook.

2. Next, compare and contrast the three artworks and the iconography used in each story and distinguish the connections that can be made, pointing out patterns you find.

Part B

1. To conclude, summarize the use of storytelling in the cultures represented in the three artworks you discussed above.

2. After learning about the complexity and variety of Islamic decoration, as seen in Tile Mosaic Mihrab, from the Madrasa Imami, assess if you think that figural representations are essential to communicating religious messages. Provide examples to support your analysis.

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