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1)*********** Background: According to Kirk (2016), composition is about how the elements will appear in your design. Assignment: Write a research paper that contains the following: Discuss the visual


Last week we discussed “seven hats” so why are we discussing “eight hats” this week.  As our concepts and theories evolve, we adapt our assessments to fit the new model. Kirk’s (2012) “eight hats of data visualization design” was influenced by Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats.  However, last week we discussed “seven hats.” What changed from Kirk’s 2012 book to his 2016 book? This week we will discuss the similarities and differences of Kirk’s (2012, 2016) hats. (Chapter 2 of the ebook is in the online course room).

300 – 400 words.


Travel and Transport, Inc

1. What does Travel and Transport, Inc., do?

2. Describe the complexity and the competitive nature of the business environment in whichWhat were the main business challenges?

3. List and comment on at least three main benefits of the implemented system. Can you think of other potential benefits that are not mentioned in the case?

300 – 400 words with at least two references.

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