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With more and more students utilizing bus service, especially during the colder months, it is pertinent to reduce the wait times for students. A local highschool's Bus Route 65 has a posted pick up time for Stop 1 on the route, at the corner of Ave B and 56th Street, to be 7:03 am. The bus cannot bethere any earlier than 7:03 am, or students will not be ready. The rest of the stops are dependent upon this Stop 1's timing, so a bus driver is asked torecord the time (in minutes and seconds) that they were at Stop 1, and the administration will pick a random sample of 19 of the days to analyse. Thedata will be recorded as minutes waiting after the 7:03 am posted time, and may include decimals for precision.The administration will take action if it is likely that the population mean number of minutes waiting after 7:03 am at Stop 1 on Bus Route 65 is greaterthan 3 minutes. That is, they will test these hypotheses at a 5% level:Ho : H = 3 minutesHa: H > 3 minutes

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