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1). By analyzing the business described below, please provide answers to the following requests: 1. Describe the market of the company. 2. Make a segmentation of the market. 3. Identify the target cus

1). By analyzing the business described below, please provide answers to the following requests:

1. Describe the market of the company.

2. Make a segmentation of the market.

3. Identify the target customers of the company (targeting).

“To instore through taste, share knowledge and experience to the business world while sustaining the future of Italian pizza.”

With adequate finances, I would open a pizza business in Sibiu, which is among the most developed towns in the world. My business will involve employing five individuals, including two chefs, two waitresses and the pizza deliverer. Additionally, I have worked in a pizza parlour in the past, implying that I have relevant skills and knowledge to develop one. Our business will run for 24 hours unless there is a public holiday or weekends.  The major services provided to the customers will include the ability to order a pizza online through our official website page; they can make calls and pizza; the delivery period will depend on the current demand, time of the day and the customer’s geographical location. The customers can purchase by visiting our stores. The delivery charges will depend on the location of the customers. However, the average cost of a pizza will be 20 RON or $5.2 for each 300g. Customers will get 15% off for purchasing more than three pizzas at once. The major activities of our business will be preparing and distributing pizza depending on the current demands. We will also be listing available meals online, creating a limited period offer. Other activities will include making analyses and demand tables to understand when the demand is high or low to be prepared. Our objectives will include;

  1. To develop market presence required to supporting sales and marketing goals, thus attracting customers.
  2. To develop customer satisfaction and loyalty through timely deliveries and better tastes.
  3. To advocate for fair and competitive pizza prices.
  4. To reach a double-digit profit margin through innovativeness and appropriate channels of distribution.

Some of the micro-environment of our business will include;

The competitors: these will include other existing businesses like; Pizzeria Trevi, Krypton club pub & grill, Pensiunea Antique, among others. These will limit our profitability.

The customers are also essential to our organization, where it cannot survive without the customer’s presence. They will be the ultimate users of our products.

The suppliers also determine our micro-environment by availing the needed material and labour on time based on our program.

Lastly, the public will also be essential in meeting our program; they include the media people, local people, customer protection groups, environmentalists etc. when a company satisfied the customers, it also creates goodwill from the public, which leads to a good image.  The internal business is the element with the organization which will include;

The human resource; these include the skills and performance of individuals working on the business. The human resource should be continuously motivated to work and achieve the organization’s objectives.

The capital resources; are the funds that are crucial in determining the growth and sustainability of a business. The capital will assist INS in launching projects and making future investments.

The operation efficiency; these are the practices in which the business will be involved in better productivity. The operations should be well organized to understand the pending orders and the time to be taken for delivery.

Innovation; for better competition, innovation is essential in producing cheaper and better quality products compared to the current competitors.

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