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1 Detailed Question. English Writing Assistance: Write up a mini annotated bibliography. Requirements for the mini annotated bibliography are:

1 Detailed Question.English Writing Assistance:Write up a mini annotated bibliography.Requirements for the mini annotated bibliography are:- Three articles listed in alphabetical order. (see attached)- A descriptive summary for each article.- Summary can be about 100 words.- Please note that I am not asking for an analytical summary. I am asking for a DESCRIPTIVE summary.- List the source using APA style. (Done)All articles are attached as a single pdf in the below order for your review. (A fourth just as an extra)Cites:Desai, M. S., Hart, J., & Richards, T. C. (2008). E-LEARNING: PARADIGM SHIFT IN EDUCATION. Education, 129(2), 327-334.Eberwein, D. H. (2011). The role of technology in transforming higher education. Journal Of Leadership Studies, 4(4), 61-64. doi:10.1002/jls.20196Moskal, P., Dziuban, C., Upchurch, R., Hartman, J., & Truman, B. (2006). Assessing Online Learning: What One University Learned about Student Success, Persistence, and Satisfaction. Peer Review, 8(4), 26-29.Rice, K. (2009). Priorities in K-12 Distance Education: A Delphi Study Examining Multiple Perspectives on Policy, Practice, and Research. Journal Of Educational Technology & Society, 12(3), 163-177.

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