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1). how many of glucose are present in 750 mL of a 4.5%(m/v) solution?2). Veterinarians can use sodium

1). how many of glucose are present in 750 mL of a 4.5%(m/v) solution?

2). Veterinarians can use sodium

iodide to treat animals with ringworm. What is the molarity of a 750 mL aqueous solution that contains in 150 g sodium iodide?

3). Blood typically contains 4.3 mEq/L of Ca2+, calculate how many milligrams of Ca2+ are in 750 mL of blood plasma.

4). There are 0.38 g of lactic acid(C3H6O3) found in a 5500 mL blood serum sample. What is the lactic acid concentration in molarity?

5). A diabetic patient suffering from hyperglycemia is recovering an insulin solution by IV at a rate of 75 mL/hr. The concentration of the insulin solution is 120. unites in every 500 mL. How many units of insulin per hour is the patient receiving?

6). Milk contains 4.5%(m/v) lactose. How many grams of lactose are contain in 750 mL of milk?

7). How many grams of irom (III)carbonate are present in a 75 mL sample of a 0.50M solution?

8). A solution contains 7.2 g of HPO4 2-, how many mEq of biphosphate are in the solution?

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