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1) Modify the Firm program such that it expands its use of polymorphism by using an interface called Payable . You will move pay method from...

1) Modify the Firm program such that it expands its use of polymorphism by using an interface called Payable. You will movepay method from StaffMember into Payable.

2) Modify Firm such that all employees can be given different vacation options depending on their classification. Provide an abstract method in StaffMember called vacation that returns the number of vacation days a person has. Give allEmployees a standard number of vacation days (14) using a constant STANDARD_VACATION. 

a) Then override the vacation method in the various Employee classes as follows:



Executive: STANDARD_VACATION + extraVacation

  NOTE: You will need to add extraVacation as instance variable to Executive and pass

   it in as an argument to the constructor.

Volunteer (who are not Employees): 0

b)  Call vacation method inside the loop already used by payday method so we see each StaffMembers vacation days.

3) Rewrite the Sorting class so that both sorting algorithms put the values in descending order. 

4)  Sort the array of StaffMembers based on name using the updated selection OR insertion sort from Sorting.java. Put the sort method in the class that has direct access to the array. Then call the sort in main before calling payday                                                               

Hints on Implementation

Constructor for Executive needs to be passed the number of vacation days. No other StaffMember needs to have its constructor updated.

All StaffMembers need to override the vacation method

Use a constant for VACATION_DAYS. This way if the Firm becomes more generous in future, we only need to update one line of code.

StaffMember needs to OVERRIDE 

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