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1 of 10 Which of the following Excel features can aid in communications?

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Which of the following Excel features can aid in communications?

A-Text box


C-Equation editor

D-Numerical results

E-All of the above

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Engineering communications can include

A-letters, memorandums, and e-mails.

B-graphs, tables, and charts.

C-equations, numerical results, and drawings.

D-phone calls, conversations, and presentations.

E-all of the above.

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Which of the following are engineering disciplines?

A-Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

B-Civil Engineering and Materials Engineering

C-Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

D-Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

E-All of the above

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In a competitive environment, you

A-strive to perform better than the rest of the team.

B-assist other team members in completing their work.

C-strive for synergistic interactions.

D-encourage debate and discussion of a topic.

E-all of the above.

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Which of the following is NOT a cornerstone of ethical behavior?

A-Do what you say you will do.

B-Accept responsibility for your mistakes.

C-Never divulge information given in confidence.

D-Never become involved in a lie.

E-None of the above.

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An engineer is typically

A-a creative and ingenious person.

B-a mathematics expert.

C-a good online student.

D-the owner of a business.

E-all of the above.

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In a cooperative environment, you

A-share your knowledge and experience with a team.

B-ensure your ideas are discussed first.

C-withhold information from the team so you can demonstrate your knowledge later.

D-ignore other team member's strengths.

E-all of the above.

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What are core elements of an engineer analysis?

A-Numerical values, variables, significant digits, dimensions, and units

B-Numerical value, spreadsheet, forces, dimensions, and units

C-MATLAB, variables, significant digits, dimensions, and Excel

D-Numerical value, communications, significant digits, MATLAB, and units

E-All of the above

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In performing your duties as an engineer, you should

A-regard the safety, health, and welfare of the public as paramount.

B-perform services outside your area of competence.

C-issue public statements in an opinionated manner.

D-engage in deceptive acts.

E-all of the above.

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In MS Excel

A-a spreadsheet is called a worksheet, and a file is called a workbook.

B-a spreadsheet is called a cell, and a file is called a function.

C-results of equations must be calculated by hand.

D-you enter numerical values into the ribbon.

E-all of the above.

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