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1 page physics due in 6 hours

I need thisone next 6 hours

It has to be original, not coppied/edited from coursehero and stuff

Instructions: a solution for the following question. Does the gyroscopic effect of bicycle wheels keep a bicycle stable? Or is stability the result of something else? Your group’s solution to this problem needs to address the following, at a minimum:How did you determine the answer to the questions? What equations did you need?What values did you use for the variables? How did you determine those values?How does the angular momentum of a bicycle wheel compare to the torque exerted by the rider?Discuss how this supports or contradicts what you see in a typical bicycle wheel gyroscope physics demonstration like the one shown in the video to the left.

Writing should show college-level work and be free of grammatical errors and misspelled words. Proper citation of appropriate sources is important to your grade.

Citations or research from non-professional or non-refereed sources, including but not limited to Wikipedia, Ask, and Yahoo! Answers, will not be accepted.When you submit your the assignment, this paper will be submitted to Turnitin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H98BgRzpOM&feature=player_embeddedPages: 1 Page

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