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1} Water ows through a nozzle with pmabolic velocity proles at the inlet i and exit e: 2 2 ir.mis][l 5 1]i ig=lr;[1 3 1]i = {cam}...

Can someone please help me with this fluid mechanics question? Thank you

1} Water flows through a nozzle with pmabolic velocity profiles at the inlet i and exit e: 2 2 ir.={l.fimis][l— 5" 1]i ig=lr;[1— 3" 1]i= {cam} (III-1m] The half-dimension of the nozzle H(x) decreases linearly with x. The flow isunidirectional. Since variations normal to the page are negligible, consider a sectionof the nozzle with a dimension i normal to the page (is, along the z- direction} of unity {1]. Find the atotal transit time 1' required for afluid particle to cross the entire nozzle along its centerliue. What isthe x—position of the particle at timet = r33 if it uters the nozzle at time I= D? What is the acceleration of the fluid particle it when it exits thenozzle?
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