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1.What will be the risk-return profile for an investor with a high tolerance for

1.     What will be the risk-return profile for an investor with a high tolerance for


2.     An investor wishes to decrease the risk level of their portfolio. How would they do that, if they want their portfolio to be closer to the market.

3.     How does a person calculate a long term debt cost in a WACC calculation?

4.     Find the weighted after tax cost of bonds given the following information:

Total Market Value = 500, bond market value is 200, Bond interest rate is 4.5%, tax rate is 30%

5.     Why is the capital asset pricing model more appropriate to be used as the cost of common stock in WACC than the Gordon Growth model?

6.     Why would a company want to know its weighted average cost of capital?

7.     A company has a balance sheet with the following information: A/R $500,000, Inventory $400,000, and Equipment (at net) of $1,000,000. It also has A/P of $250,000, long-term debt of $400,000, and owners' equity of $900,000. What is the Discretionary Financing Needed?

8.     Year A company has retained earnings of 2,500,000 at the end of 2018. Forecast income is 400,000 for 2019 and the company has a policy of having a dividend payout ratio of 17%. What is the forecast ending retained earnings at the end of 2019?

9.     What restraints might a company face that would inhibit its growth?

10. What is the sustainable growth rate given the following?

Sales                       100,000

Expenses                  50,000

Tax rate                           30%

Assets                                400,000

Equity                                200,000

Div Payout ratio               10%

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