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1: When you testcross the offspring of ccWW x CCww , you get the following results: CcWw = 135 Ccww = 430 ccWw = 390 ccww = 120 What is the frequency...

green, straight


What is the map distance between B and S? You must show and clearly label ALL work to receive credit.

3:Consider the map distance you just calculated in the previous question. If a green abdomen, bent antenna double mutant fly was crossed with a wild type, and you then used their offspring for a testcross, what phenotypic ratio would you expect to see in the F2? (You must show and clearly label ALL work in order to receive credit.

4:Suppose a man carries a very uncommon dominant mutation for a deadly muscular disease that doesn't show up until people are usually over 50 years of age (he has the disease). He and his wife are expecting their first child--a girl. What is the probability she will also have the disease if...

(1) it is autosomal

(2) it is X-linked

(3) it is Y-linked

Explain each answer in detail. Assume the penetrance of the trait is 100%.

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