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10 Ways To Let People Down Easy Summary: The article talks about how to let people down with causing to much trouble, pain, and making the talk...

10 Ways To Let People Down EasySummary:The article talks about how to let people down with causing to much trouble, pain, and making the talk easier to you. "A lot of things people end up confronting somebody about are way down the road," says Jeff VanVonderen, an intervention specialist who appears on A&E's Intervention. "If they had said things originally, things would not have gotten that bad." Just as important: Stick to the facts and follow up later when emotions have cooled." Communication is key to everything we do and makes our world function. Having to tell people bad news is just a part of that and the article helps with that. For example the article talks about cheating on someone. Don’t say I was drunk or we weren’t together at that time. Just plain say you cheated and you are sorry. The article also explains easy ways to hire or fire someone. Just let the people you are interview know you choose a different person, or that they are not keeping up with production and they will need to find a new job.Analysis:This article directly relates to our chapter readings this week about communication and effective communication. "Written and oral communication skills were the two most important factors or skills…" (Text, pg 241) Using powerless language choices like discussed on page 243 in the textbook will not help someone get their point across. If you are trying to fire a person and you say, "I do not think you like your job, do you?" You are asking a tag question and not being powerful in your communication or job. Being forward with a person is often best, it creates a clear verbal message that anyone can understand whether they are an active listener or not.I need a comment (verify solution) in 50-100 words from the response given above from the web address below.References:, Blanchard, Johnson. Management of Organizational Behavior, 9th Edition, CH11&12.Criteria:Response must add clarification, critical thinking, or additions to understanding. Statement like "I agree" or "You are correct" will receive no credit. Remember to focus upon our weekly organizational behavior topics like “the concept of effective communication and its effects on organizational performance”.

6520214Written by Amrith ThandraIt is a well known fact that man is a social being. Each one of us have to interact with many peoplearound us on a daily basis. In order to express ourselves...
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