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Select one activity or movement you perform daily, that moves both joints (elbow and wrist), as well as your hand at the same time.

Dumbbell curls

Then, evaluate the joints and motions of the elbow(s), wrist(s), hand(s), and/or finger(s) to execute this activity or movement.  Please be detailed when discussing your selected activity and the related joints and motions.

This activity starts with the arm facing forward with your palms up. In dumbbell curls, the arms are extended on your sides Your palms face forward with a dumbbell in each hand toward your shoulders. The weight is lifted as high as you can comfortably and as long as you are able to keep your elbows close to your sides.

In the elbow the biceps muscles bend when you lift the dumbbell. The biceps begin on the scapula and end on the lower arm bone and because the biceps cross the elbow, the elbow joint is used during the dumbbell curl. The biceps shorten as the muscle contract and when the muscle elbow flexes.

The wrist does not flex or extend during the dumbbell curl, but is involved in the exercise. To protect your wrist and to focus on the muscle concentration on the biceps, the wrists must remain in neutral position. The wrist and the forearm muscles controlling the wrists, remain in a static position as you try to move the wrist joint during the curl.

Select one of the joints in any of the three structures and discuss changes in the movement if the chosen joint was fused.  

The radiocarpal joint is one of the joints in the wrist. Radioscapholunate arthrodesis is a salvage procedure indicated for osteoarthritis of the radiocarpal joint involving the lunate facet of the radius. A research known as the cadaver study examines the changes in wrist motion resulting from radioscapholunate arthrodesis and the effect of surgical technique to improve the range of motion of the radiocarpal joint. The procedure dimishes the amplitude of movements of the wrist in all direction, but a range of motion in the radioscapholunate fused wrist improves after surgery.

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