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11 Page Anthropology Final Paper

This Final is on the topic "Language Disorders".

Phyllis, this is an assignment related to the literature review that you previously did for me. Please make sure the same person who wrote that, writes this one as well!!! This FINAL assignment of my course, is worth 30% of my course grade and is so SO important to do great and follow instructions exactly.

You did well on the previous literature review, but the instructor said “I want you to do a better job tying this into anthropology and linguistics on the final”. Please do further research on how anthropology relates to language disorders that were previously discussed in the literature review.  

The required page count will only be 11 pages

The final paper should be a formal discussion of a topic related to the role of language and culture in the context of the themes of the overall course. It must include each of the following sections.

The topic is the same as the “literature review”, which was “language disorders”.

  1. Connections What is the importance of this topic in broader social context? How does the proposed work connect to bigger social issues and ideas about language, culture and society we have discussed in the course?
  2. Next steps Finally discuss a possible research project or case study that would build off of the research you have done. Lay out a series of detailed questions the research you are suggesting would answer. Connect them both to principles of anthropology as well as to cross-cultural concerns.

The format of this paper should be as follow below:

1. a broad linguistic anthropology concept before moving on to 2. a set of major themes and concepts connected to the literature you  reviewed (This can be a shortened and condensed version of  the previous literature review) 3. discussion of the broader connections/issues within the course that relate to your topic (with specific references) 4. a look at either an existing case study or a proposed research project that grows out of what you've learned  (the details of the how are less important than the research questions you'd want to answer are the most important element of the latter)

Be clear about how you are making this kind of progression and be sure to signpost for me (as your reader) so that it is clear how all the parts fit together.  If you are still unsure about how to think about this, please do a Google search for information about "how to write a social science research paper". Use APA format for citing sources. Keep them at least semi modern scholarly online sources please.

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