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11pg- Research Paper

11pg- Research Paper

Topic-Ethical, social and legal issues in Cloud Computing

This research people should be an in-depth, substantive analysis of the issues related to your research topic, including the current best practices in the field. The paper will be graded on technical content (completeness and correctness of your analysis), readability factors (including logic & organization, style, grammar, spelling), references and working skill.

Paper needs to be 11 pages in length (type written and double-spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins) excluding bibliography, table of contents or any graphic, tabular or illustrative material.

References should include current sources and must conform to APA or Chicago style. You should research at least 15 external references such as academic journal /conference papers, trade journals, short videos and relevant websites for your paper.

 At least 10 of these references must be from peer reviewed journals or conferences only.

Use of wikipedia is NOT ALLOWED!!!. References must include the published journal name and information, NOT a URL where you found the paper.

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