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2-3 Page summary

The book is  Contemporary Issues in Higher Education Law, 3rd. edition, chapter 3 summary.

This assignment is a 2-3 typed page response using APA, 6th edition style that provides a brief summary (encompassing the entire scope of the reading assignment) and response to the readings assigned for the designated weeks your assignment is due. 

Your responses should be MORE than a mere summary, but rather show a higher level of critical engagement with the readings in which you discuss the strengths and/or limitations of the readings in contributing to your understanding of the material.  Please note what you find to be useful to student affairs practice.  Also, note what you find to be the most interesting from the readings.  Your response should include in-text citations that references the reading material. Lastly, please conclude your response with a thought-provoking discussion question to pose to your peers.

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