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2 PAGES DUE Tuesday Night

  • First, attend, watch on KGOV (Kern County Governmental Television), or view online any public meeting of the Bakersfield City Council, Kern County Board of Supervisors, other special districts, commissions, committees, or other public meeting approved by the instructor.  The meetings of Bakersfield City Council and Kern County Board of Supervisors are available online at 



  • Next, prepare a report:  
  1. Cover Page: Include at least a title of the report and your name.
  2. Start with an overview of the meeting, including the time and location of the meeting, attendees, and major issues discussed at the meeting; (one paragraph, half a page)
  3. Report on ONE major issue considered at the meeting, including 
    1. What is the issue? Why is it significant? (one paragraph, half a page)
    2. What are the positions/perspectives on this issue presented at the meeting? (one paragraph, half a page)
    3. How is decision made on the issue? (one paragraph, half a page)
  4. References: Provide a list of references in the APA format.
  • The paper is approximately two pages long and run 500-600words (excluding the cover page and references).  It should be typed, double-spaced, edited, and proofed, have one-inch margin on all sides, use Times New Roman Font 12, and references and citations should follow the APA style (consult the APA Manual and Lecture Notes).  Per our class policy, if a student violates the University policy on academic integrity, a course grade of “F” will be assigned and the student will be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Save your paper as one MS Word document, and upload it to Blackboard; do not submit PDF files or iWorks documents without converting them to Word;
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