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200 words. In 30 mins

Due in 30 mins. 200 words. Summary

hermid ibis is endanger species. Three issues that why it is difficult to recover. First, its habitate distinction issue. Its habitate decreasing along with the human invasion and expansion. So it cannot build nests in its habitate. Second, Hermid ibis's eggs and young birds are very vulnerable to its two main predators. But these two predators play an important role in the whole ecosystem so we cannot kill its predators for hermid ibis;s survival. WIth predators existed, hermid ibis hard to recover and reproduce. Third, Hermid ibis can be raised in captive. But when released into wild, it cannot live because hermid ibis is migration animal. It has to learn the migrate route from its parents. first, different from many other birds that has to build their nests around the trees, hermid ibis can easily build its 'cliff' nest, a vertical structure. So it can often build its nest on the human buildings. Second, its two predators are both easily frightened by whistles, because hermid ibis vulnerable period are preety short, with the human guard with whistles, hermid ibis can easily pass this dangerous period. Third, Although it cannot learn the migration from its parents under the way of captive, but human can trained it to learn the migrate route. By make it follow a small airplane, it can be trained. Scientists have succeed in an another bird with this method. Read this and summarize it in 150 to 200 words. Do not use any outside source .

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