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250 words

Part I: Wrap- Up Statement

  • Make as summary statement about what you've learned in the course.
  • How has what you learned impacted your attitude toward arthropods?
    • Has your perspective changed from how you felt at the beginning of the course?
  • How do you plan on using what you've learned in this course in the future?

Part II: Take-Away Statements

  • Write 5 take away statements (1-2 sentences each) from what you learned in the course.
    • This would be a list of one-two sentence statements about what you have learned, discovered about yourself or others, or your thoughts on specific topics/issues discussed in class or in your weekly assignments. . Students will use original, personal statements and no need to reference or use definitions from Power Points. This should be a personal list of your thoughts regarding the course and its subject matter from beginning to end.
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