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3,000-word essay / project (100%)Essay title: Discuss common problems learning English ________ (choose oneaspect of SLA, e.g. vocabulary or pronunciation, etc.) among________(choose the nationality)

3,000-word essay / project (100%)

Essay title: Discuss common problems learning English ________ (choose one

aspect of SLA, e.g. vocabulary or pronunciation, etc.) among

________(choose the nationality) learners of English, and outline 

teaching implications


For this assignment you will write an essay based on a small-scale project. 

• You will chose one aspect of language acquisition (e.g. vocabulary, collocations, 

idioms, language functions, phonology, or morphosyntax) and review the literature 

to identify the aspects of English that may prove problematic for L2 learners from 

one linguistic background of your choice.

• You will interview one learner of English from a linguistic background of your 

choice (e.g. Spanish learner of English or Chinese learner of English, etc.). This 

may, for example, be a student from MSc in TESOL. You will record a 5-minute 

interview with this English language learner and transcribe it. You will then look for

areas of difficulty in relation to your selected aspect of language acquisition. You 

will compare your findings with the findings arising from the literature that you have 


• Based on your literature review and your own findings, you will design one EFL 

classroom activity and explain how it would help address the issues that you have 


Essays should be 3,000 words long (+/- 10%). This includes in-text quotations but

excludes the essay question, bibliography, and appendices. It is the School policy that 

essays over or under 10% should receive a 2-mark penalty reduction.

• Footnotes are not allowed.

• Please include a bibliography at the end of your essay. 

• Please paste in the essay question / description at the beginning of your 


• Please attach a cover page to this assignment. You can find a cover page

under the Assessment tab on MyAberdeen. 

• The transcript of your interview and the EFL classroom task are to be placed in 

the appendix.

Essay: Marking criteria

This essay will be assessed against the University Common Grading Scale (see

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