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3-1 Video Game: Agent Surefire: InfoSec

3-1 Video Game: Agent Surefire: InfoSec

For this activity, you will play the Agent Surefire: InfoSec game, which is an extension of the risk assessment project (final project) scenario. Access the game on the Jones & Bartlett Learning website.   PLEASE REQUEST LOGIN INFORMATION

PLEASE GO BY RUBIC INSTRUCTIONS You should discover, assess, and describe at least seven security vulnerabilities within the virtual environment. Correctly categorize each vulnerability based on the methods specified in the game. The virtual environment should be viewed as part of the system described in your final project. Detailed instructions will be provided once you access the game. This can be expected to take about 45 minutes to an hour. You are not required to play the game to its conclusion (although you might want to!). The purpose of this game play is to discover physical vulnerabilities that you can use for your final project. Submit your documented security vulnerabilities to your instructor in Blackboard via the submission link for this assignment. This assignment will be graded using the Video Game Assignment Guidelines and Rubric document.

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