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3-4 Discussion board replies needed. Please I will be awaiting the replies it's Due in 2 hours. It only a discussion board replies. thank you. Each replies must be at least 2 Paragraphs eachDue in 3 h

3-4 Discussion board replies needed. Please I will be awaiting the replies it's Due in 2 hours. It only a discussion board replies. thank you.

Each replies must be at least 2 Paragraphs eachDue in 3 hoursReply needed 1The three components of the CIA triad of security can be observed in many different systems and security protocols that have been carefully designed to protect the CIA’s information. Confidentiality, one of the main components in the triad, protects information from being disclosed to third party sources. Information that would be valuable to the CIA like government documents or government credit card information is an example of where confidentiality is more important than integrity. Confidentiality and integrity can be of equal importance depending on the situation. They can both be compromised when private information is leaked such as bank information, medical records, and evidence from a crime. Availability is how accessible information is to authorize viewers at a time. Being denied access to a webpage is a prime example of availability (“Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability: The three components of the CIA Triad,” 2012).

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability: The three components of the CIA Triad. (2012). Retrieved from: needed 2Confidentiality restricts the access of data to authorized users. Integrity relates to the accuracy of the information and the fact that it cannot be altered by unauthorized users. The information should be available when needed.  (Henderson, 2017). 

Confidentiality is more important than integrity and availability when businesses are creating new products. For example when Apple or any of its competitors are developing new products, the company needs to keep the secret until the products are available to the public. 

Integrity is more important when it comes to financial information (Henderson, 2017). Businesses have to provide accurate and truthful financial information to their shareholders because the latter use the information to make investment decisions. If the accounting professionals decide to alter the companies’ financial results, they mislead the investors who would base their decisions on erroneous data.  We have seen the cases of accounting scandals where investors were deceived and lost a lot of money. Confidentiality in not as important because many of the financial information are made public. Availability will not come before integrity because an incorrect or manipulated information will not be helpful for the shareholders, even if it is available.

Availability is the most important of the three factors when it comes to weather related information. When there are weather related disasters for example, the public needs to have the information when it is needed. Providing late information on a disaster can cause loss of lives. The information needs to be available so people can avoid the affected areas. Disasters do not have to be confidential; on the contrary, the information must be passed to the population. Storms or snow forecasts are usually given days in advance to help people prepare and protect themselves. The information have to be accurate also but it does not take precedence over availability. Many providers (radio stations, television, and internet) gives the forecast so the public can compare the information from different sources. 

I found that it is difficult to determine which factor is more important between confidentiality and integrity. For example, patient medical information needs to be confidential as only the doctors, the nurses, and some family members should know this information. However, if the information is altered or not accurate, the wrong treatment could be administer and this could cause death.


Henderson, A. 2017. The CIAD Triad: Confidentialiy, Integrity, Availability. Retrieved from needed 3An example where confidentiality is more important than are payroll systems because it stores a lot of employees’ personal information, such as social security numbers, address, birth date, banking information, etc. Only authorized users should only have access to these information. 

When it comes to financial institutions, integrity is more important than either confidentiality or availability. When it comes to financial reports, maintaining integrity is very important to maintain accuracy of information. Unauthorized access of financial reports can lead to potential errors or unwanted changes.

Lastly, an example where availability is more important than the other two is cloud storage. I think that when people back their files up in another storage system, they value accessibility of it wherever or whenever they want.DUE in 3hours

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