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3 Assignments Need it in a day - No plagiarism

BackGround : Each student has volunteered a minimum of twelve (12) hours of service in a minimum of two separate site visits. THis servich is at Habitat for Humanity or other site approved by the instructor.

Assignment 1:Post Assessment

Complete the service learning post assessment after completion of service learning.

Attached Files: File SL Post Test FSE201.doc (386 KB)

Assignment 2:Journal

Each student shall write a reflection paper following each of their visits. (The attached Zip will help you with the visits made - Contains Images abd videos)

Assignment 3:Final Paper

Each student shall complete a summary paper of their experiences. Special attention shall be given to the application of the student learning outcomes outlined in this syllabus.   Include photos and other appropriate documentation of your work.  Explain what you learned!

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