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3-Verse Blues Song Assignment Type: Individual Submission Method: Online into gradebook For this assignment you will compose and create a blues song, and record your self singing the song that you cre

3-Verse Blues Song

Assignment Type: IndividualSubmission Method: Online into gradebook

For this assignment you will compose and create a blues song, and record your self singing the song that you created. 

Apple Device Users: Use this link to access your instructions for the Apple app.

If you have no way to access an Apple device to use for the app (including temporarily borrowing a device from a friend or family member), please see the link below.

Android Users: Use this link to access your instructions.

Use this link to access your instructions for the Apple app

Note: Use a stable wifi internet connection for this Apple app. I suggest to not use your phone data to complete this assignment.  

Use the iPad/iPhone app available in for free in the Apple AppStore Store to complete this assignment.  The app is NOT available for other devices.

If you have your own iPad/iPhone, go to the AppStore and enter a search for BLUES UTPB. It should pop up with those search terms.

Screen 1 - This is the final product you are to create: a 3-verse blues song using AAB lyrics, appropriate chord changes, and an audio file of your performance.

Screen 2 - Step 1 - On the left hand side of the screen, choose your voice range female-high (sopranos - G), female-low (altos - Eb), male-high (tenors - F), male-low (basses - Bb)Step 2 - Hear the person singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee"? Is that comfortable to sing for you?Step 3 - Look at the JPG attached and notice the chords I use. Your blues song should use the same chords in the same order. Drag the chords down from the top into the gray spaces. (HINT: If you forget the order of the chords, just click "Help" on the upper-left corner to see the example again.)Step 4 - After all 36 chords are in the boxes, a green button shows up that says "Check my chords". If your chords are the same as the example, you will be invited to continue.Step 5 - Relish in your success by just LISTENING to your song so far. Click on the green "Practice Singing" button and just listen. You did that!!!Step 6 - A green "Add Lyrics" button should be on your screen. Click it.Step 7 - Touch the pencil and write out your first short phrase (often 5-9 syllables). This is your "A" lyrics for verse 1. (HINT: touch the green icon next to the pencil and copy now.)Step 8 - Swipe left to go to the next four bars. Enter the SAME lyrics. (HINT: hit the "paste" and "add" buttons for a faster method.)Step 9 - Swipe left again to go the next four bars. Enter a follow-up to the lyrics. Again, keep it shorter like 5-9 syllables. Steps 10-15 - continue steps 7-9 twice to create the lyrics for your next two verses.Step 16 - You are now ready to record your song. Click on "Record performance" to hear your chords while you sing the lyrics and swipe left on your screen. Don't worry - the blues are not about PERFECTION! They are about participating and singing. Sing your A lyrics and wait to hear the guitar chords change, then sing your A lyrics again.  When the guitar changes again, sing the B.  When the "turnaround" happens - the rhythm changes for a brief second, the guitars start the next verse.  Then you can sing your 2nd verse A lyrics, and so on. YOUR FACE MUST BE IN THE VIDEO WHILE PERFORMING.Step 17 - Touch "Start recording" when you are ready. Touch "Done" to stop. Make a mistake? Simple - just stop and re-start. Step 18 - You can listen to your performance by touching "Playback all". The mic is programmed to pick up the voice MUCH more than the guitars so don't freak out. Step 19 - Submit the material to Dr. Keast by touching "Submit".

Screen 3 - Please add your first and last name.

Screen 4 - Your chords, lyrics, and name are affixed to a PDF that will be uploaded to the gradebook. Click "Submit" at the bottom. Click "OK" on the pop-up. 

Screen 5 - Log into Canvas with your log in credentials.  Authorize BlueWhale Apps to access your Canvas account.  The app will then upload 2 files - both named your name: your audio file and your PDF. Make sure you do not exit or leave your wifi connection until the uploading is completed. 

You are DONE!

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