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Read the article, “A Theory of Human Motivation.”  (attached) Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the elements of self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group. What is the relationship between self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group? Why is it important for a manager to understand and appreciate employees’ self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group?

Authors:Maslow, A. H.Source:Psychological Review, Vol 50(4), Jul, 1943. pp. 370-396.Publisher:US : American Psychological AssociationOther Publishers:US : Macmillan & CompanyUS : Psychological Review CompanyUS : The Macmillan CompanyUS : The Review Publishing CompanyISSN:0033-295X (Print)1939-1471 (Electronic)Language:EnglishKeywords:human motivation, psychopathy, prepotencyAbstract:After listing the propositions that must be considered as basic, the author formulates a theory of human motivation in line with these propositions and with the known facts derived from observation and experiment. There are 5 sets of goals (basic needs) which are related to each other and are arranged in a hierarchy of prepotency. When the most prepotent goal is realized, the next higher need emerges. "Thus man is a perpetually wanting animal." Thwarting, actual or imminent, of these basic needs provides a psychological threat that leads to psychopathy. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved)Document Type:Journal ArticleSubjects:*Motivation; Antisocial Personality Disorder; Human DevelopmentPsycINFO Classification:Motivation & Emotion (2360)Population:HumanFormat Covered:PrintPublication Type:Journal; Peer Reviewed JournalRelease Date:20060329Copyright:American Psychological Association. 1943Digital Object Identifier:http://dx.doi.org.proxy-library.ashford.edu/10.1037/h0054346 PsycARTICLES Identifier:rev-50-4-370Accession Number:1943-03751-001Number of Citations in Source:21

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