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4 Collective Learning HPI507 Assignment

Collective Learning

This week you will compose a 2 page (minimum) assessment on becoming a learning organization for inclusion for the final project. You will incorporate the value of becoming a learning organization.

* What benefits and pitfalls can occur?

* You will create this assignment for presentation to the leadership team at MacArthur and Associates as you have for the previous weekly assignments.You should follow up the document with a 10 slide minimum presentation:

*Specifies the key points of your proposal as if you were presenting to the client on-site.

* Be sure to include any details that you feel would be beneficial to selling your plan to the company. 

* Presentation should have a title and reference slide (not counted in the 7-10 slides), 

* Professional look (i.e. background/theme for character)

* Utilize the notes section of each slide to expand upon your key points.

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