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4 Work Base HPI507

Work-Based Learning

  • Look at the diagram below of Raelin’s Work-based Learning Model. 
  • Think of three techniques used to stimulate work-based learning. These may range from specific job aides you have used to coaching or even online tools that have been beneficial to your success. 
  • Once you have chosen three techniques, rate the degree of explicit versus tacit learning that is occurring. Find the location left to right on the X-axis. Then decide where it lies along the theory versus practice scale. Looking bottom to top, place your technique along that scale for Y-axis coordinate. You now have an X, Y coordinate for that technique.
  • Post your three techniques with the coordinates you have selected (e.g., Presentations at a meeting (-4, +4).
  • Explain the reasoning behind each of your choices.
  • Discuss your differences and similarities. Ask questions to clarify thinking.                                              
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