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Midland Company’s growth dictates an improved office layout.  The fun, casual company prides itself on a hardworking and team oriented environment, but their current layout does not communicate this pride.

Your assignment is to research and provide information on new furniture and office design trends for Midland's new office spaces.  

You must decide on the measurements for the following required items: 

  • 16 L-shaped desks  
  • 4 regular desks 
  • 1 round table and chairs (to seat 12)
  • 3 wall cabinets
  • 10 file cabinets  
  • 5 bookcases  

Step one:

Find a website with an article that discusses Office Design Trends. Write a brief summary (1 or 2 paragraphs) of the article and include a citation in APA format for the article.  How might some of these trends work for a new office environment at Midland?

Step two:

Research the costs of furniture listed above and provide a table of individual and total costs.  You  must also include the size (measurements) of each piece of furniture.  Address how you determined the size (measurements) of the furniture and why you picked the items you did, in relation to the above discussion. 

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