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5 Paragraph Essay

Write a five-paragraph essay on this topic using the outline below.  Your essay should include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

“Why college education is important to me”

1.      Support your essay with your motivations, dreams, goals and aspirations, inspiration, plans, reasons, rationalizations, quotes, anecdotes, research.

2.      Employ correct rules of sentence composition, grammar, and mechanics of style.

3.      Use at least two references.  Each reference must use a quoted passage and be appropriately cited to avoid plagiarism.

4.      Include a reference list at the end of the essay.

5.      Turn in at least two full pages or up to three pages of writing, 12-pt. Times Roman, double-spaced.

6.      Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

7.      Use this basic outline:

a.       Introduction

b.      Body Paragraph 1

c.       Body Paragraph 2

d.      Body Paragraph 3

e.       Conclusion

f.       Reference list

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