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For this essay, you may use the same company Verizon Communications on how a company has implemented a corporate strategy or a future policy rollout. Consider a company that has done a strategy development, and is in the implementation phase, or has been through the implementation phase. In your essay, address the following questions.

 What are the stages of a corporation's life cycle? How can a corporation's life cycle be extended?

 What is strategy implementation? What questions must strategy makers consider to begin the implementation process?

 What are some of the approaches a company can take to identify and prepare its people for important positions?

 It is important to assess the strategy-culture compatibility when implementing a new strategy. Do you think that culture follows strategy, or does strategy follow culture? In your response, use the company to illustrate your points. Justify your answer.

 What is Six Sigma? Why would a company want to implement it?

Your essay should be at least two pages in length, double-spaced, and in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum page length. To complete this assignment, a minimum of three

reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced.  Use APA style guidelines.

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