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6 Keys to Gaining Tant in Negotiations By Katrina G. Arabs Apr 2?

Need help for negotiation questions. The deadline is tomorrow midnight. Can anyone help me to provide some examples of how did you use this principles? How much it costs? Thank you!!!

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6 Keys to Gaining Tant in Negotiations By Katrina G. Arabs Apr 2?. 2004 To be effective in any negotiation. you need to establish trust. Harvard Business School professor Deepak lvlalhotrareveals six techniques that can make you excel at the bargaining table: When two sides sit down at the bargaining table1 they're putting something on the lins— be it concessions or sensitiveinformation. Thus, tnrst is cmcial in all negotiations because of this ever-present element of risk. Talks can break downwhen each side doubts the other's abilities and intentions. And being ovsny cautious and withholding tradeoffs.concessions and information is not the way to go either—as each side will only let big opportunities slip them by.Harvard Business School professor Deepak lvlalhotra outlines six ways you can foster tnrst at the bargaining table: 1} Tall: their talk. Show the other side that you're committed to the negotiation and to the relationship by learningtheir history, culture and point of view. This entails getting fluent in their technical lingo as well as understandingthe implications and subtleties behind what they're saying. Ili'll'atch closely how the other party expresses theirideas. And before the negotiation even begins. tell them that as much as you have worked to understand theirperspective. you still have a lot to learn. Communicate the hope that in the event of a mistake or amisunderstanding. both sides will not be deterred, acknowledging that it's a normal part of the lean'iing processand intensifying efforts to better understand each other. 2} Leverage your reputation. Don‘t take the power of your reputation for granted; if you have a bad one. it canbe a deal-breaker. and conversely, if you have a good one, it can help overcome a deadlock. To turn yourreputation into an effective tool. give references from third parties whom both of you tnrst. If appropriate, a thirdparty could get in touch with the other side before the negotiation begins or even act as the mediator during it.You can also provide documents that prove your past successes in similar relationships. including media or tradereports.
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